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Thanks to the evolving technology, our lifestyle has changed my habits. We all know that billions of people, more than half of the world’s population, use the internet in some way. As a result of the increase in the use of the internet shopping in this environment has caused. Currently, Technology and e-commerce companies are among the largest companies in the world. The commercial volume of purchases made from the internet is growing massively every day. Currently all firms and institutions have an online sales site.

When we buy a product, we are able to reach products all over the world in a digital environment. We can compare all the products in the world that are shrinking in digital environment and reach the product we are looking for in more appropriate conditions and prices. However, it is a fact that the development of e-commerce systems has led to increased incidents of fraud. People who post and buy products through social media channels are often left in a difficult position. The fact that the same product is advertised does not come exactly makes the consumer in a difficult situation.

E-commerce, which usually exists worldwide, only accepts payments using money via bank transfers or using paypal (electronic money payments). So why can’t we use digital currencies like Cryptocurrency in our purchases? Here’s the answer to you, BIZPAYE. So what is BIZPAYE? What advantages it will give us. Here’s my explanation for all these questions below.


BIZpaye is the first encryption currency designed for multiprocessing B2B and B2C online.  The platform uses blockchain technology to make transactions in e-commerce by using digital money in your purchases. BIZpaye will create a real world market with over 1000 active traders and all the future opportunities it represents. Growing to 12 countries in 5 years, Bizpaye serves many other countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, USA, United Kingdom.

So why is BIZpaye using blockchain technology in an online store? 

Blockchain technology is transparent and reliable, making use of this technology in all areas.  Operations via BIZpaye are carried out through blockchain networks. Recording information on this network prevents the consumer from being victimized in any case. Users can review details such as order, transfer and shipment through the special key code provided to them. Foreign currency is different in each country and fees are charged on the exchange of currencies. BIZpaye plans to make sure its users don’t spend too much money to charge for swapping foreign currencies. It will encourage the adoption of a multi-currency system in which traders can use some type of currency to facilitate local and international cross-border transactions. In this way, it can be used by everyone in the bizarre world.

BIZpaye aims to keep more investment and ensure that cryptocurrencies are adopted with the aim of promoting growth in the ecosystem as a whole. BIZpaye will reward active vendors who regularly sell products and services using BIZpaye CRYPTO to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment over traditional fiat money. In this way, small and medium-sized companies will retain their place in the market.

Users with other cryptocurrencies can trade with Bizpaye. Cryptocurrencies sent to the Bizpaye wallet are automatically changed to Crypto token. For online shopping, Bizpaye is the first company in the world to make all transactions in cryptocurrencies.




The BIZpaye platform is the ERC-20 compliant CRYPTO token. CRYPTO will be used for goods and services purchases in transactions on platforms. The BIZpaye Crypto Token can be performed on a P2P basis or through an Exchange-based system, all records of such transactions are created and stored permanently on the Blockchain.

Token name: CRYPTO

Token type: ERC-20

Total token amount: 1,000,000,000 CRYPTO

As a result, the e-commerce sector has recently developed greatly. Cryptocurrency has now taken its place in every aspect of our lives. But there is no advanced platform for making our purchases with cryptopara. BIZpaye is a project that will provide different advantages to both its users and businesses. You will be able to trade goods and services with Crypto. I think BIZpaye will have a permanent place in the crypto marketplace. Then you’re in the right place with the BIZpaye for safe shopping. For more detailed information about the project, visit the following pages.

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