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With the development of technology, computer and mobile games have become a part of our lives. When we get bored, we spend time playing games in our spare time. I used to spend a lot of time at the computer as a game buff. I didn’t want to be left out of the game because of the major tasks that had to be done. Since cryptocurrency has entered our lives, we have been hearing investment news in different sectors. Today I want to give information about the dabankingg platform, a project that interests both me and the game lovers. So what is DABANKING? What advantages will it give us? Here’s my explanation for all these questions below.


High security, anonymity based on blockchain is the platform that offers fun games that minimize the fraud encountered in the gaming industry that offers new experiences. The purpose of the dabankingg platform is to build a game ecosystem based on Dapp, with the aim of providing one of the best services to the gaming community and enthusiasts. Distributed applications (dApps) is an open source software application that works on a P2P computer network but takes its power from blockchain technology. the fact that DApps cannot be controlled by any legal entity makes the platform attractive. Dapps are more flexible, stable, autonomous and secure than traditional applications because they are not centralized.

Game lovers who want to use the dabankingg platform have to install Metamask wallet on their computers or Trustwallet on their phones. Let’s not go through it without also stating that. Ethereum must be found in Metamask or Trustwallet.

In light of all this information, Fomojackpot, the first product of the dabankingg platform, became a beacon of hope for the gaming industry. On the gaming platform based on blockchain technology, users will know their income in a fair and transparent manner. The FomoJackpot is based on the Ethereum network. So why was the Ethereum network preferred when there were different platforms? Ethereum will ensure the transparency and fairness needed to win the trust of players. The Ethereum network performs 1 million operations per second, making the process fast and secure. Ethereum is based on smart contract. The solution to the scaling problem will be.

Dabanking begins to lay a technology foundation and officially promote the game ecosystem at DApp and develop the dab Token mining community. In addition, the platform will expand the gaming category, which will offer new games to increase the revenue of the gaming community after each quarter.


Dab Token

  1. Dab Mining Strategy: DABANKING will use the Ethereum blockchain to create a community of users by distributing dab tokens based on POC algorithm theory.
  2. Token DAB: dabankingg is an icon platform for Community Development, and when dabankingg’s own Blockchain is officially announced, it will be replaced by the dabankingg blockchain. The total token amount is 200,000,000 dab, and the only way to get a dab token is to use the “mining wallet”.
  3. Mining token DAB: in mining, the dab token has certain things expected from users who are interested in mining successfully. First, users are kindly requested to purchase a” treasure pack”. This Treasury package can be purchased from ETH for at least $ 200. Also, at the developer’s discretion, users will be able to receive a maximum Treasury package worth $ 5,000.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast using DABANKING, you’ll be able to take advantage of three energy wallets. These;

Gold Wallet

Green Wallet

Mining Wallet


When you activate the ” treasure package, “you can add 800% of the value of the package you would have previously purchased to your” gold wallet.” At the same time, “Green wallet” will add the top 200%. Later, 2. it will add 100% of the value of the package on the purchase. As far as the” mining wallet “is concerned, his day will get 0.5%, which is the” green wallet.” The” green wallet “will reduce it by the day while the amount flowing from the previous day’s”mining wallet ” is deducted.

The bigger the owners ” green wallet, it’s worth remembering that more energy flows into the day’s “mining wallet.” In this way, your” mining wallet ” can be reached 10 times (1000%) the value of the purchase package.


Dabankingg is moving its entertainment services to a Decentralized Application Platform, introducing users to the next generation of technologies in the game. The project’s development team has developed long-term strategies to get dabanking to the best services in the game for millions of customers. The road map below is given in detail.


As a result, it will allow you to make money by playing DABANKINGG, which will interest gamers. When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will declare its own blockchain. If you want to learn more about the project, visit the following pages. #Dapps #DABANKING #DAB#Blockchain #ETH

Website: https://dabanking.io/

Whitepaper: https://dabanking.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/DABANKINGOFFICIAL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dabanking.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dabanking_io

My Bitcointalk profile (adempostaci): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1538255

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