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With globalization, technology has made very important changes in the lives of all of us and has shown even more impact day by day. The dizzying rapid development of technology is affecting every aspect of our lives more and more. Developments and changes, especially in the field of finance, are further differentiated by the fact that cryptocurrencies have entered our lives in the last few years. From our traditional shopping to our tutunda banking transactions, from our investments to our educational life, digital money is more than ever located near us. But there is still a distancing stance against cryptocurrencies in large parts of our society stemming from a lack of information or a lack of familiarity with technology. This is because crypto doesn’t know how to get the money, where to use it, how to turn it into price

Cryptocurrency is the representation of a digital entity. The mystery of cryptocurrencies is that it contains no information that can be used to personally identify its users, and therefore has gained popularity worldwide. Thanks to the demand for cryptocurrency, a platform is needed to enable cryptocurrency exchange. I would like to inform you today about the SATURN platform, which will be the solution to the problems encountered in the exchange of crypto assets. So what is SATURN? What advantages will it give us? Here’s my explanation for all these questions below.



It is the decentralized platform that enables the exchange of cryptocurrency assets, which will convert them into cash at the same time as any asset created, to eliminate the glitches and shortfalls caused by exchanges in cryptocurrency exchange based on blockchain technology. It is based on the convenience and reliability criteria that participants can exchange crypto assets from wallet to device without trusted, third parties. Saturn provides secure assets that it says will be of value to each encryption asset owned by a user that it can appreciate or dividend in the future. Some assets do not actually have a secondary market that they say they can trade out of their use, these platforms are intended to provide a secondary market for assets so that they can see that they can be used in the development of company infrastructures.

The SATURN platform was established to create a reliable ecosystem for assets with potential for the purpose of bringing together investors for the development of assets by analyzing the crypto market in detail and thinking that what this platform intends to do must be reliable. At the same time, the platform aims to ensure the security of the cryptocurrency market so that investors do not face losses on their assets in the face of any problems. Saturn will provide risk control of assets in the crypto market.

SATURN plans to create its own exchange format, which is considered an atomic exchange, while providing protocol exchange for cryptocurrencies. The Platform will allow you to exchange more than 300 crypto assets between them. This means additional liquidity for the crypto assets market. Unlike other exchanges, Saturn will allow the exchange of cryptocurrency between incompatible blockades with the participation of a third party. This swap process makes Saturn unique from other platforms, thus allowing various cryptocurrencies to be traded from their individual wallets. To change crypto assets using the Saturn platform, you do not need to transfer them to the platform. The exchange is carried out directly between wallets.



Token name: XSAT
Token type: ERC-20
Total Token amount: 1,000,000,000 XSATS
Token amount to be sold: 750,000,000 XSATS
Token exchange rate: 1 XSAT = 0.13 USD
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH




Saturn platform is a project of experts in the field. Dmitriy Zykov, its founder, implemented the project to solve this problem because he saw liquidity problems in most crypto markets during the trading of crypto assets. Other team members are listed below.


I shared general information about the SATURN platform with you. In short, to add to my own opinion, it is an innovative project that will solve the liquidity problems in the cryptocurrency market and low commission fees in transactions by directly contacting buyers and sellers by eliminating the dependence of the cryptocurrency market on intermediaries. If you want to learn more about the project and join the project, you can visit the following pages.

Saturn Black Official Resources
Bitcointalk thread:
Official Group:
Official Channel:

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3 thoughts on “SATURN: Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform”

  1. Saturn will solve cryptocurrency issues such as high transaction fees, speed and security issues

  2. The platform will eliminate the costs of moving into peer-to-peer trading through the exchange of digital assets

  3. The project eliminates the cryptocurrency market’s dependence on intermediaries by contacting buyers and sellers directly

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