Internet and growing technologies have revolutionized almost every field in the world by providing ease of communication, by storage of large information data base, by providing access to global opportunities etc. Although internet and technology has overall made life easier but has made things a lot less private and secure. Encryption is the process of converting your private and sensitive data into codes using algorithm to protect it from being read and accessed by any unauthorized person. Encryption protects your data, passwords, privacy, conversations and other details. Encryption plays a vital role in cryptography. Securypto project endeavors to provide next level privacy and security and make internet a much safer place by monetizing anonymous content distribution and by providing a secure, transparent and trustless system using blockchain technology.

Securypto is a Zerocoin, Masternode based blockchain project focused on anonymous storage & transferring of encrypted data.


  • Privacy violation by companies & governments
  • Lack of reliable solution for anonymous messaging or data transfer.
  • Complex protocols to secure or spend many different cryptocurrencies.
  • Hacks and leaks are dominating lives with constant fear of your data and privacy
  • Lack of solid payment solutions for media creators and content distributing
  • No way to protect content uploader´s identity or the downloader


  • Full end-to-end encryption across all platforms both hardware and software
  • DigiSafeGuard acts as a standalone hardware wallet and encrypter for all data.
  • Multi-Layered anonymous transfer of all sorts of data. From text to 4K movies
  • All hosted data is encrypted and thus nobody can know what they are hosting.
  • Disabling the link between the uploader, downloader and hosting company. Securing the identity of all parties.
  • Content uploader gets paid by the user in SCU while the hosting company receives a fee for hosting encrypted data


Dedicated Hardware
It’s commonliy known that every software, even the one developed by the best in the field, will have bugs and flaws.
Securypto takes the integrity of the project to the next level by designing a dedicated open source hardware for the tasks and combining itto a visual verifiable communication technigue which makes remote exploiting of vulnerabilities impossible.
DigiSafeGuard acts as a hardware wallet for storing and spending your digital assets. It enables anonymous messaging through any unsecured channel. Also DSG offers a lot more of handful and awesome features.

Securypto software is designed to make a weli-balanced system considering the aspect of user-friendliness, security & privacy. Highest security level can only be achieved by right combination of hardware and software which are specially designed to match each other’s functions. Thus, DigiSafeGuard is obviousiy the most secure solution when used with Securypto software and blockchain. Securypto will achieve all that with the power of the blockchain and a team of security tin foiled hat people supporting it.
Privacy is not a matter of having something hidden, but simply the right of what you want to share.

Blockchain technology has solved the “trust issue” as every data can now be verified without trusting any specific third party. Securypto blockchain adds an extra privacy layer on top of every function it offers and at the same time creates a Paid-Content-Management which enables its users to get rewarded for their uploaded content.


  • Securely store and spend your digital assets like Bitcoin etc. using DSG device which will act as a hardware wallet.
  • Securely send and receive messages and files using any open and insecure channel like WhatsApp, Telegram or email.
  • Login securely to online services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, banks etc.
  • Keep all your accounts and login credentials protected and encrypted on your DigiSafeGuard device.
  • Encrypt any sensitive file or directory and keep them safe and secure.
  • Easy to use for everyone, even if you don’t understand how encryption works.
  • Users can use any insecure channel, even a compromised PC or Smartphone as every byte leaving DSG device will already be encrypted.
  • Users don’t need to trust any third-party, not even the Securypto team to secure their cryptocurrency assets, as they can use any random / widely available services to create unsigned transaction for spending their cryptocurrencies and let the DigiSafeGuard sign the transaction.
  • Users can use any publicly available crypto software to decıypt their files and messages as we use well known and documented public AES encryption protocol.
  • Users can create, import, export and verify their own RSA key.



  • Anonymous Encrypted Messaging.
  • Anonymous Encrypted File transfer.
  • Hardware wallet.
  • 2FA&Login management.
  • Standalone Data Encryption device.
  • Hardware Data vault.


SCU is a utility coin/token which is reguired to transfer encrypted data anonymousliy on securypto blockchain platform and monetize content distribution. SCU is an ERC-20 token based on smart contracts. Upon switching from TestNet to MainNet, SCU tokens will be swapped for SCU coins on Securypto MainNet Blockchain. Total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000)
Token: SCU, Soft cap: 2500 ETH, Hard cap: 25000 ETH, Token Supply: 100.000.000



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