SERENITY: Blockchain and Renewable Energy

Technology constantly facilitates our lives, but also positively affects our living standards. The items and devices we use are also often digitised. With the help of smart devices and the internet, we are able to access all the products and news in the digital world with one touch. We spend our free time on social media and gaming sites at the top of our smart devices. Although technology enters our lives as much as this is the most important thing in the use of technology, of course, we all think of energy. Energy is a must for the continuation of life. Currently, our biggest source of energy generation is fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas. In the use of these resources, too much carbon waste is released to nature because the balance of our nature began to deteriorate. Currently, all countries in the world are trying to address this problem by turning to environmentally friendly energy projects. Generally, environmental projects that do not harm the environment, such as wind bleachers, solar panels, use of seas and streams, are given more weight.


One of the other possibilities that technological developments offer us is Blockchain technology. This platform provides high security, transparent structure, decentralization, rapid and intermediary advantages and is currently used successfully in many projects. Thanks to blockchain technology, there are solutions to many problems and the cryptocurrencies of these projects provide us with different alternatives for investing. Blockchain can also be used for electrical monitoring for at least two purposes. These are renewable energy generation awards and renewable energy certificates or carbon credits. For those who want to invest in renewables but don’t have funds, blockchain technology makes Collective Investment possible by ensuring that revenues are shared fairly and transparently. Today I would like to inform you about the SERENITY Project where you can benefit from blockchain technology without harming the environment in the energy sector. So what is Serenity? What benefits it will provide us. Here’s my explanation for all these questions below.


By combining renewable energy with the power of the blockchain, it is a next-generation renewable energy project that seeks to reduce energy bills, monetize carbon credits, reduce carbon emissions. Serenity will promote sustainable living, renewable energy generation and transactional power grid retail services by changing the way people who use blockchains to promote and facilitate environmentally friendly initiatives see the challenges they face in transitioning to sustainable, renewable energy products. Through this platform, smaller stations will be created that will deal with renewable energy production and sales for a large number of people and businesses worldwide.


Focusing on the renewable energy sector, coupled with the power of the blockchain, Serenity will revolutionise energy production while at the same time making money from carbon credits. Blockchain technology and Smart Contract use will minimize administrative costs and automate the process. The project will take advantage of blockchain technology to promote and facilitate environment-friendly initiatives, supporting sustainable living, renewable energy generation and transactional energy grid retail services, eliminating the challenges individuals face in turning to sustainable, renewable energy and products.


Through the Serenity platform, electricity supply and demand will be balanced, answering at the substation level and making possible a structural transition to blockchain and renewable energy sources, connecting to national electricity operators.


Serenity will ensure how people can interact with these services by bringing control and transparency to the latest sector and providing solutions for people who have been neglected by traditional systems. Unlike a traditional energy distribution model, Serenity will process energy sales, excess energy purchases and other ancillary activities on the blockchain. The Serenity platform will be connected to national electricity operators, which will be able to balance electricity demand and supply, respond at the substation level and make a structural transition to blockchain and renewable energy sources possible. Serenity will ensure that every house is more livable with renewable energy.


Token name: SET
Total token amount: 500 million
Softcap: $ 5 Million
Hardcap: $ 20 Million


As a result, Energy is among the sine qua non of our lives. Serenity will benefit from renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, providing a more livable world. If you want to get more detailed information about the project and join the project, you can visit the following pages.

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